Dissolving pulp and cellulose

Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art jacket heated digester technology. The equipment includes heated auxiliary tanks enabling simulation of real mill situations - where liquors and filtrates are circulated and re-used.
Our bleaching equipment includes reactors for high-shear mixing and even ozone treatment. All typical bleaching stages can be simulated (e.g. O, EOP, D, H, E-stages), also cold caustic and hot alkali extractions.
The final quality of the pulp can be tested both using normal laboratory analytics (S-alkali solubilities and R-alkali resistances, pentosan content, viscosity) and by viscose and spinning experiments.

Typical projects:

    • Prehydrolysis displacement batch kraft cooking
    • Conventional prehydrolysis batch kraft cooking technology, steam and water prehydrolysis
    • Prehydrolysis displacement batch kraft cooking combined with Cold Caustic Extraction
    • Comparison and process decision support of PH-SB and PH-CBC cooking
    • Prehydrolysis and hydrolysate recovery technology, e.g. hydrolysis boosting with acid, liquid vs. steam phase hydrolysis
    • Sulfite cooking
    • Testing of different wood species and their mixtures
    • Alkaline extraction of pulps
    • Bleaching of dissolving pulp for viscose testing
    • Test viscose and viscose testing from experimental dissolving pulps